good morning to the rest of my life!

it feels fitting to leave behind an old LJ and start something fresh and new. 

i'm jules, and i'm excited to start the rest of my life. 

i tried to get into my old LJ account and it's probably best left for dead — my last entry was when i was 18 years old. which is so hilariously cute to me, and probably best that i don't layer on my 30 year old self on top of entries that are over 12 years old. it's best to start anew.

i am an excitable, sensitive, emotional artist trying to move on from a career that takes so much and gives so little. i am finally at a point in my life that i feel ready to cut out what doesn't serve me. my dear friend calls it "curating your thirties" and i just feel SO READY to do that.

it's exciting to be moving forward, and leaving behind a career. i'll be able to say "i used to work there" instead of having to bring it up every time someone asks me "what do you do?"

i think i am almost a little wary of what i'll do once i feel like i have a real opportunity to be mentally healthy. what will that look like? what creative projects will i have room for? what personal growth will i be able to do? it feels a little overwhelming in an absolutely wonderful way.

i'm excited to share what exactly this opportunity looks like when it's a done deal. now, i have to worry about finishing out this contract and what double time will look like for a little while. 

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